Global Organizational Re-Design

Working in unison with the CEO, Board and Senior Management Team, Strategic Leadership group delivered a global strategic organizational re-design for this leading educational products multinational. We provided customized tools, methods, training and leadership guidance to internal personnel and executives for the completion of the re-design and implementation across the global organization.

Senior Team Evaluation and Executive Performance

Strategic Leadership Group assessed the senior team and executives of a global media company. Our assessment process measured the leadership capabilities needed to execute the company's strategic plan. A follow up study examined performance and found that the evaluations and coaching were predictive of subsequent on the job performance, including demonstration of leadership capability and delivery of results.

Strategic Planning, Goal Alignment and Priority Change Initiatives

Strategic Leadership Group worked with the CEO and senior managers of an international semiconductor company to evaluate and refine the current corporate strategy, further focusing the company on growing existing businesses, acquiring new businesses, and divesting uncompetitive businesses. We then worked with every business unit in the company to develop their key initiatives, successfully steer the company toward strategic alignment and accountability, and expedite a corporate turnaround.

Senior Management Effectiveness

We assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the senior management team for a software services company through face-to-face interviews, state-of-the-art assessments, and online surveying. Results, recommendations and action plans closed key gaps in strategic priorities, management process, workplace relationships and conflict resolution.